Why masturbation increases weight in men?

The main problem of debating these issues, is that this type of debates is normally completely polluted by either religious theologian views (ex: masturbation is “sinful”) or by pure pseudoscientific approaches (ex: semen is “energy”, thus “don’t waste your energy”). On the other hand, there is also the political correctness polluting the debate, since, as masturbation is not sinful, “then it must be good”!

Whilst masturbation as such doesn’t seem prima facie to affect your weight since calories burnt are residual, considering that the demanded physical effort should not be that different when compared to brushing your teeth, there is a point that the majority of men tend to forget. After an orgasm due to masturbation one gets hungrier, and by being hungrier one eats more. And one gets hungrier due to evolution, as mammal males normally procreate after fight and big calories loss, thus getting hungrier after copulation and consequent orgasm seemed to be a psychoevolutionary trait that increased evolutionary fitness, as you could regain some of the huge calories lost and thus increase survival. But with masturbation as a man doesn't burn the calories correspondent to a male’s fight for copulation, he just adds up calories on the dietary equation when he eats afterwards. Moreover many men masturbate at night watching porn, during a time period which is more relaxed, and many dietary studies correlate eating at night with weight gain. Therefore as the physical activity involved in masturbation doesn't relevantly affect one’s weight, one should pay attention on what one eats afterwards.

Furthermore by seeking own sexual pleasure without the need to improve own fitness through sexual selection, the individual disregards the need for sexual attractiveness, considering that being fit is a phenotypical trait which highly increases sexual attractiveness. I suppose this explains why the following study conducted from an investigator of the Institute of Medical Psychology and Behavioural Neurobiology in Germany, refers that men that have higher number of common sexual intercourses and/or masturbate less are on average slimmer. The study finds that lesser masturbation is correlated with lesser weight:
I examined the relationship of recalled and diary recorded frequency of penile-vaginal intercourse (FSI), noncoital partnered sexual activity, and masturbation to measured waist and hip circumference in 120 healthy adults aged 19–38. Slimmer waist (in men and in the sexes combined) and slimmer hips (in men and women) were associated with greater FSI. Slimmer waist and hips were associated with rated importance of intercourse for men. Noncoital partnered sexual activity had a less consistent association with slimness. Slimmer waist and hips were associated with less masturbation (in men and in the sexes combined). I discuss the results in terms of differences between different sexual behaviors, attractiveness, emotional relatedness, physical sensitivity, sexual dysfunction, sociobiology, psychopharmacological aspects of excess fat and carbohydrate consumption, and implications for sex therapy.

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