Brain size=IQ level theory (Blacks vs Whites & Asians)

There is a very prolific discussion on a biology forum which concerns the relations between the brain size of a specific race and the level of intelligence of the average individual of that race. This type of discussion is obviously polemical due to racial factors between mainly black man and white man. Some studies state that the average endocrinal volume is 1,364 cm³ for East Asians, 1,347 for white Caucasians and 1,268 for black Africans. And of course there is a lot more studies, which conclude that brain capacity has nothing to do with intelligence and there are even some studies which state that black man has a brain capacity larger than white man. However particularly speaking, I must confess I am sick of this pseudo fraternal speech of some experts which turn science diffuse and obscure.

I have some good black friends, but let’s get to facts: black man is clearly stronger physically and that can be attested in several official sports results when the sport demands strength and speed: athletics, box, long jump, etc., but when the sport demands technique, then Asians and Europeans tend to have better results. That’s a fact!

Let’s cut the mazes created by some pseudo fraternal scientists and let’s be objective.
Black Africans have a smaller brain capacity when compared to Caucasians and that has strong influences on IQ. Anthropologists and particularly craniologists clearly know that for example through human evolution a very pertinent factor for attesting the level of evolution of the Homo specie was the brain capacity. How many black men have won Nobel prizes for physics, chemistry or other prizes for mathematics? I know what is the typical response for that: cultural factors. Though, I disagree with it.

I must strongly stress that I am not at all racist, I love all human beings as a good Christian I am, but I confess I’m sick of some pseudo scientists with their fraternal line of thought which want to make all human beings equal like mere twins. All human beings, i.e. Homo Sapiens Sapiens, have differences, and have similarities and black African men are statistically less intellectually prodigal than Caucasian man. But that, evidentially, shall never be a factor for racism, discrimination, hate or superiority. All men shall live in peace and harmony and should obviously be treated equally; however we shall be scientifically objective when it concerns these clear facts.

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