There is no debate,
what debate
what possible debate
may you undertake
for the fate
and sake
of your carbonized mate?
Will you do such mistake?

There is no debate
no possible debate
for the sake
of your vaporized
human mate.
It was done
by a bloody state!

Will you awake
there is no debate
as it is written the fate
of the Great Snake,
the united state,
for such massive
shake and quake;
and sooner or late
for the sake
of Humanity
the ones that kill and rape
will take
their fate.

Those that crossed the red-line
devastating the most fine
human nature
those that spread the terror
the chaos and the horror,
the death and the pain
with no human constraint.

Which debate
might be possible,
for the sake
of your human mate?
Are you really awake?

Can you undertake
such mistake?
To justify and debate
the Terror?
the Torture?
the massive destruction
and the massive
shake and quake?

There is no admissible debate
that any human may take
for the sake
of one’s mate

Have you seen the lake?
full of blood
from radiation
which debatable explanation
may you give?
Not even forgive
may I conceive.

No debate
may I undertake
for the sake
for the fate
of my human mate.

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