American Sniper - another lousy propaganda

The film American Sniper is nothing but another lousy and despicable american propaganda, as usual. Why do I still lose money and time with this? What do I seek, but violence and blood that satisfy my most primary instincts, such I seek pornography or sugar? Basically the script of this movie depicts the humanity that remains within a solider. A solider, before being a solider, trained to kill and destroy "targets", commanded by tyrants and politicians and driven by ideals of nationalism, is a man, it is a human being. But the main paradoxical question is this: wouldn't the Iraqis and the Muslim men in general fall in love, have wives, children, war comrades and a fatherland and family to protect? Are the americans the only human beings in these histories, with emotions and true human feelings? Why this dichotomy in the human race of having always the good guys and the bad guys, the bad guys being always the others, the remainders, the aliens or the outsiders? Indeed there is a true and relevant historical fact in the script of the movie, which the common viewer, drunk with human emotions and patriotic feelings, merely neglects: the americans were the invaders of a sovereign nation. And therefore all the movie script serves to legitimate such invasion, with human emotions, demonising the Muslims, as the Muslims demonise Americans. Exactly the same did the Nazis as they invaded the East, the Slavs then being no humans, merely cattle and red beasts to be shot down. The movies of the Nazis did exactly the same, demonising the enemy and humanising the solider: "we kill because we have to, to protect our fatherland and our family", even if the philanthropic argument was to search for weapons of mass destruction, which eventually never existed. I learned something very important with this movie: never trust on your human feelings because they mislead you, they are very easily conducted by what you see, and not by on what you must reflect and think.  Trust although on your Reason and just then seek for Justice, even if the main purpose that drives you, is Humanity. 

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