The Greta Virus is finally working

The Greta Virus is finally working: consumerism has plummeted, pollution and Greenhouse Gases have significantly dropped, traffic casualties decreased dramatically and nature has risen in places often crowded by people. According to the same World Health Organisation that declared this virus a pandemic, more than 1 million people die yearly due to air pollution and more 1.3 million die due to traffic casualties. No, I am a full atheist and hence I don't believe either in the mumbo-jumbo which refers that the virus is a curse set upon Mankind for misbehaviour against the nature. Viruses exist already since the primordial of life wherein our fish-like ancestors had no opportunity to buy diesel SUV's. Nonetheless facts are facts. As long as the food production and food supply chain are not severely affected, the final net balance will be positive for Mankind, paradoxically! As Socrates used to say, the populace is a wild beast, and hence just general panic is able to hinder the thirst and the psychosexual desire for the next buy.

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