Greece and the Euro - Etymologic view

It is so simple and so obvious that Greece can't leave the euro. It is not an economic reason, nor a political reason, nor even a matter of european financial policy, it is much more simple and logic. Greece can't leave the Euro due to etymologic reasons. Did you know from where the word Euro comes from? Euro actually comes from ancient greek and it was one of the four or eight gods for winds greeks had for each direction. Euro was the greek wind of east. From that etymon was created the word Europe. So we can easily conclude that Euro and Greece are historically, philosophically and linguistically linked, being both inseparable. Greece is the cradle and the nest of european culture, european society and international democracy. Euro is the european financial climax and is a great civilizational step within European member states, and if Greece is the root of Europe, Greece can never leave the Euro because she is a structural pillar on the european history, democracy and culture.

Long live Greece and the greeks...

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