Three sonnets

Through ages I’ve seen the pure reason
the candle of wisdom, which thrills my heart
Thou art the core for the yearly midseason
the starry core I shall never put apart

Thou art the shapes of a kind highly treason
gluttony, lust, envy and sloth form my art
I carve the deadly sins with scholarly precision
Do not dare to evoke any bond nor depart

The moon has became the source of my power
She copulates my soul every four weeks
Never dare to patronize nor to cower

my savant inspirational blasty peaks
in every finger I find a temple’s tower
which stabs poems as sleepy tweaks


Have you seen the Keiser they enthroned
within the foggy dark dreadful empire?
Nevertheless they always postponed
when I imprinted my joyful lovely desire

Love is not Chess, Life isn’t owned
by any lord, tyrant nor sire
A human being must not be boned
nor sent to the inquisitional imperial fire

Freedom, they do not conceive
the plebs fear the terrifying method
which the torturers harshly greave.

Onto their holy books I simply trod
Wisdom, cold reasoning I achieve
with my rightful highly-lengthy rod  


Darling, have you seen my upmost desire?
Which enlightens the philosopher’s way
and even more powerful than an empire
crashes the tyrants and what they say

My poems are undoubtably higher
than any other command they may
issue, those ones I burn and fire.
Darling, every single day, I pray

What are the roots for passion
lust, envy, avidity or greed
Why do you take their faction?

Terror and fear are the seed
for the enslaving imperial action
Though, the bright star of Liberty I feed

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