Wordy warfare

Ever touched my loved arm?
the one I shall never step away;
beloved army I won’t disarm
armful power I won’t dismay!

Never touch my sacred turret
It is armed for the sacred one
Every word might be a bullet
Every devil might be a nun!

Billions I’ve seen slaughtered
words with no mayday
by dawn, they were pothered
served on the devil’s tray!

Keiser of the unknown world
armies of the malicious don
My Red Army is in Mos'cow
My Churchill is in Lon'don

Cannons filled with venom
Rifles that spit anger
Grenades vomit freedom
from powder and slander

Where, When and Why?
Men have made their path!
Life and Joy are shy
Lust, sloth and wrath!

Lightenings sharp the night
air raids from mass media
Soldiers of finance fight
Journalists of Wikipedia!

Cold or written war?
The plot is around here
the Messiah swore
He will dethrone the Keiser over there!

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