Richard Dawkins vs Jordan Peterson

Jordan Peterson constantly criticizes Sam Harris and Richard Dawkins, well known atheists, for not taking into consideration the complexity of human behaviour with respect to human desires and mental constructs. Peterson refers that these aspects of complex human behaviour, when it comes to morality or consciousness, are to be found for example in literature, such as in the works of Nietzsche or Dostoevsky. Although patronising, attitude which Dawkins constantly criticizes, I partly believe in Peterson's reasoning, because the Human Being cannot find pleasure and awe solely on Reason and Science, although the Universe and the seek for scientific enquiry are extremely awesome. As Feynman would refer, rainbows have not ceased to be beautiful, since the moment we knew precisely how they are formed. But morality and human interactions are more earthly and daily needed than the redshift of faraway galaxies. 

But in essence, the views of Dawkins and Nietzsche or Dostoevsky are not at all incompatible, as Peterson seems to suggest. The fact that the brain is an extremely complex organ with trillions of neurons, which evolved over thousands of years, makes us prone to believe in myths and tales and surely they might be effective on human behavioral. But as Dawkins' core argument puts it, those needs for mythology, although plausibly effective on moral behaviour, don't make such a mythology per se truthful.

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