The Latin knight

Have you seen the knight
through the foggy dawn?
Have you seen his light
and the anointed pawn?

Have you seen the cross
which stands on his chest?
You would never get lost
nor you shall perish or rest!

Haven’t you seen the Temple
and the holy path?
Be ferocious and gentle
evoke mildness and wrath

Neophyte, haven’t you ever seen
as she words Prose and Poetry?
Kneel on behalf of your queen
offer her love and idolatry

Unsheathe your sacred sword
and defeat the unmerciful devil
Request strength from your Lord
collapse Satan and the evil

Make love with the luscious womankind
Erect your arm and your phallus
Be forceful, though gentle, be kind
Be Roman, magnanimous, be Paulus!

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