The petrol as the darken gold has started in London

As I arrived in London, I got surprised with so many people from different races, beliefs and cultures. As I arrive at St. Pancras rail station I get in a supposed Italian restaurant, which by the way is managed by a Portuguese guy who speaks in Italian to the French waiter. I got astonished with this great multitude of European cultures and languages in one simple pseudo-Italian restaurant. The pizza was awful and it seemed Chinese-made but the espresso was awesome and it reminded me the Lisbon way of serving coffee. I arrived at the capital of masons where the liberal principles started on, spreading then throughout the world, the capital where many great philosophical and theological treaties have been written, the place where Newton and so many other fantastic and virgin mathematicians lived. But as I penetrate the streets I realise that the petrol hegemonic principle is everywhere on every inch of tar. The polluters, cars and taxis proudly circulate overground, and the commuters have to circulate as rats do, i.e. underground.

Those great English minds many years ago largely meditated and prophetized that the Messiah should have a lot of feminine traces, and then they largely evoked the hymn which enhance the feminine side of the kingdom, the gracious Queen! But they prophetized as well that this welcoming being should have its privacy within its large and wide movements, and the private cars fixed perfectly in this paradigm. So the initiatic London authorities strongly rejected the public transport, giving large previleges to private vehicles, which by the way is the capitalist and liberal way of thinking: private first, then public.

I conclude then that modern urban principles of transportation are all switched. At the present time, the polluters, the rich and the nobles go overground catching fresh air and contemplating the view; and the people, the poor, and the environmentally friendly commoners have to go Underground as rats do. I love those cities where tram and bikes are everywhere and where there is no need to ostracise the commuters and the poor to the tubes where rats move. And I remind you that engineering and urban studies concluded that overground metro costs seven times less than the underground option, and in Portugal there is a clear example of this dichotomy: in Oporto, in three years it was built a metro network five times larger than the Lisbon one; which took forty years to build and which was largely more expensive. Long live the trams, the bicycles, the trains and all the zero emissions vehicles. Let's abolish these masonic and hegemonic principles of petrol which are spread everywhere and in particularly here in London.

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