Green cars are like virgin prostitutes: they simply don't exist


Looking at the total CO2 emissions over the life cycle of a car, adding up all the emissions for which it is responsible, you can see that a hybrid or electric car (with the current energy mix in Europe) is only slightly better than a conventional car.

The idea of zero emissions for electric vehicles is an industry hoax to ease the consumer's environmental conscience when buying another car. Basically it is greenwashing. And hence how can you do really something for the environment? Keep your old car with good maintenance and controlled emissions, since buying a new one demands much more energy and CO2 emissions; use public transport since they emit much less CO2 or pollutants per passenger-distance travelled; use the bicycle as modus movendi because bicycles demand much less energy and emissions of CO2 to produce and drive; if you have a permanent and stable job find a house as close as possible to your job, because it is greener to use a diesel car 5 kilometers per day than an electric car 50 kilometers per day; or do what Homo Sapiens was already doing for 120 thousand years till the "automobile revolution", i.e., walk. Our ancestors walked several kilometers per day as they wandered the planes of Africa and later the valleys of Europe, so why do you insist in taking the car for a distance of less than 1 kilometer?

SourceTransitions towards a more sustainable mobility system (2016), European Environment Agency.

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