Portuguese spellchecker used by Google SUCKS

Google Drive, Doc
Correctly spelled word: Probabilidade
I just want to say everyone that the Portuguese spellchecker used by Google is really BAD. It is annoying, it is awful, it is incompetent, and please Google guys, simply deactivate it, because I cannot write a normal text, without being so confused! We never know if the word really exists or not, we never know if one very common and simple word is correct or not, because Google spellchecker constantly underlines in RED, words which are COORECTLY spelled. 

The Portuguese language has been through a language orthographic agreement for decades and Google, always on the top of the technological wave, hasn’t made any update into its Portuguese dictionary! The same sh*t happens on Gmail when we’re trying to check the email text. And doesn’t matter if it is Brazilian Portuguese, or European Portuguese, before or after the language agreement, because the Google Portuguese spellchecker really sucks. 

I’m afraid I have to say it Google developers, I’m a big fan of you, and I largely use your applications and services, but this is a HUGE disrespect with the 7th most spoken language in the world! Why don’t you get words from the Portuguese wikitonary? It’s free!

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