Slavery for Mankind has a name: Capitalism!

Man lives within an orgasmic information society. It is becoming very hard to filter what is really important and what is pure white noise. Man's main goal is to not care about intellect, philosophy nor analysis, so humans have become beings whose only purpose is to seek frivolous pleasure appealed by hedonistic impulses, and seek not more than the satisfaction of primary instincts. 

Humans are bombarded with ads, films, songs and pictures whose Freudian signs have the unique goal of provoking in the targeted being, the most biggest anxiety for one only purpose: consumption. All the economic "welfare" machine is then lubricated, and natural resources become dangerously shrunk. Men are then slaves of money, as it has become the most important asset in the modern world lifestyle. The new gods on earth are not any more Christ, Muhammed nor Gandhi, they are Ronaldo, Oprah Winfrey and Lady Gaga, simple and humble people that always lived as mercenaries do: collecting money.  

Man became then slave of his own race. 80% of the worldwide wealth is in the hands of less than 5% of the population. These elites (commanded by Satan for the believers) control banks, armies, unions, corporations, media, governments and all the financial system. They have just one goal: power. Like beasts in the jungle, they just need more and more power to control more animals and more land. Modern human beings pay then with their work, slavery and money the satisfaction of their "needs". We call this system: Capitalism!

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