Despaired Founder

Grab my throat
Stretch my bones
Evoke empires
Reject desires

Call the myth

Seek into the deep
Truth, reject the peep

Be a German

Be Hermano
Be Germano
Be my mano
Be a man

Evoke fraternity

Destroy masonry purposes
Annihilate its desires
Destroy the evil empires

How can they spend 44 billion dollars to develop a spirit called B2, just with even numbers and even words, just female letters and digits, to evilly and murderously cause destruction and death?

How many lives would I save with 44 billion dollars?
How many lives would I withdraw from starvation and illness?
How come their presidents receive Nobel prizes for peace?
Which paradox Mankind has created?

I shall destroy evilness

I shall reject the American principles

They conquer to contest

They destroy their conquest
They demolish just to test
They sharpen human flesh
They shall not embrace
Or track the lines of a goddess’ face

The empire we shall ignore

We shall pray every day
We shall embrace God’s path
We shall be wise, we shall say
the words which will enlace the divine faith

The empire which created aids

The empire which spread tobacco
The empire which doesn’t aid
Humanity, Human kind or Human race

The empire which has the rifle

which doesn’t follow the world’s pace
The empire which has the bullet
Where you can’t see the leader’s face

Let’s enlace Love

Let’s evoke freedom
The house where men are free
Where blood is blue
Where lovers are true
Poets and companions,
inmates and brothers.

God is our Lord,

God is our Father

I shall write over the sacred lines of the founders to reject what they have written, because on the contemporary times, they’ve became the most despotic and tyrannical Empire.

I shall set my people free!

What have they done to Africa?

How many weapons have they spread?
How many cigars have they produced?
How many dollars have they used to vanish other people lives?

Shall I cite?

The divine scripts!?
The sacred hits!
The ancestral myths!
Shall I fight?

I will! With Poems and Words and Acts!

And I will dilapidate the Empire, when he reacts!

Philip Maiden, the Portuguese Poet 

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